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From Routine Maintenance, General Repairs, or off-season Winter Prep... 

With Over 135 YEARS of COMBINED Experience

Customer care is our #1 priority!

We know how important it is to keep your equipment running strong! TSP Turf is ready to assist you with all of your product needs. We make sure that receiving maintenance on equipment is as simple and efficient as possible for you, so much that we just added 2 more vehicles to our TSP Fleet! 

As always, we bring the skilled and trusted technician to your door.  NOW with the added convince of these gas friendly TSP Mobile vans, we can cover more territory and have more storage space to stock tools and parts to keep your down time minimal.

techsFrom left to right: Bill Ledford, Brad Modjewski, Allen Posey, Aaron White, Lee Carmichael, Mgr. Tommy Howard
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